We are Bandwidth. The communications technology company that's rewriting the rules of the telecom industry. We help communications providers turn big plans into reality—with portals, APIs, and developer tools that take the telecom burden off, so you can focus on your core business.

Bandwidth empowers its customers to develop awesome communications products and launch them at scale. We design, develop and operate our business like you do—in real-time. We love combining high quality service with instant gratification. So how do we do it?

We own the network & it was purpose-built to power today’s mobile and Internet products. We’ve literally built and operate the entire stack from the ground up.  At the core, we own and operate a purpose-built, nationwide all IP voice network—one of largest in the country.  Yup, that means we are the communications provider. Don’t worry, we’re not that communications provider. We know our customers’ numbers by heart (well, maybe not literally but you get the idea).

We believe everything to do with telecom should operate at Internet speed, so we made it so. We’ve designed and developed our own fully-automated back-office software and completely integrated it with our core network. But what’s that really mean? We “light up” and provision new services for our customers in real-time, think instant gratification – spreadsheets are outlawed at Bandwidth, databases rule.  (Go ahead… ask the other guys if they have spreadsheets.) In fact, that also means we allow our customers to do everything in real-time using APIs and automate everything.  We make our customers' products faster, more accurate, more cost effective – and all that makes our customers' end-users smile. 

Don't know anything about telecom? No problem! Some of our customers run their own awesome, large scale VoIP networks and infrastructure.  But many of our customers don’t. And we love working with them. They don’t want to run their own VoIP infrastructure because of cost, scary acronyms, and time-to-market—their developers instead are heads-down slinging code and building mobile apps and web products that re-image just about everything. They love the cloud; they want us to manage and scale everything for them; and they want clean, thoughtful RESTful APIs.  We handle the inbound/outbound phone calls, 9-1-1 needs, call recording, routing, text-to-speech and pretty much everything else you can think of. While they focus on making their own products awesome and customers happy, we handle every last bit of the telecom complexity and scale for them.

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