AltiGen Communications Max 1000 SIP Platform

" SIP Trunks are the ideal VoIP deployment for use with the AltiGen Communications Max 1000 SIP Platform. Our engineers have found that SIP Trunks allow our customers to enjoy all of the features the Max 1000 has to offer, which is why we've chosen to partner with"

- Lolita Trifiletti, Director of Business Development, AltiGen and AltiGen - Maximum ROI has partnered with AltiGen to provide end-to-end VoIP services to SMBs. The alliance bundles the AltiGen Communications Max 1000 SIP platform with SIP trunking. The goal of the alliance is to be among the only partners in the industry to offer SIP solutions that have been certified for security and interoperability. AltiGen Communications systems offer maximum flexibility, with the ability to use both IP and legacy phones on the same network. By pairing this innovative system with SIP Trunking, businesses can custom-build cost-effective systems to address their needs. By combining the scaling capabilities and robust features of Altigen with award-winning SIP Trunking VoIP service, businesses can build a cost-effective and feature-rich communications platform and maximize their communications investment. Powering your Altigen PBX system with the best IP voice technology is a proven recipe for business success. By converging local and long distance voice, as well as broadband Internet, onto a single circuit, companies save money while taking advantage of the Altigen IP PBX. engineers have developed and extensively tested the SIP Trunking product to ensure seamless interoperability with the industry's leading IP PBX systems. To that end, has worked with Altigen, a certified business partner, to ensure that your telecom system will work seamlessly from the beginning. SIP Trunks and AltiGen Communications PBX Systems

Using SIP Trunking with an Altigen IP PBX simplifies your business' network infrastructure by converging all local, long distance, private voice, and data traffic onto a resilient IP / MPLS backbone-allowing traffic to flow both inside and outside of the enterprise.'s SIP Trunking product is unique in that it allows a business to oversubscribe each VoIP trunk connected to the Altigen; this enables a company to purchase trunks only for the number of concurrent calls they support, rather than buying one for each individual employee. SIP Trunks offer the most powerful Business VoIP technology in more than 5,000 rate centers across the country. No matter where your business is located, SIP Trunks, combined with your Altigen PBX, offer the best in VoIP technology.

About SIP Trunks SIP Trunks provide business users the ultimate in business VoIP technology. SIP Trunking is a VoIP deployment of the powerful SIP protocol that converges local, long distance, and broadband Internet services onto a single pipe with dynamic bandwidth allocation, resulting in significant cost savings. SIP Trunks offer the "power of 1," enabling businesses to manage one network connection, receive one bill and engage one point of contact for all your local, long distance and broadband Internet needs. SIP Trunks help businesses maximize the return on investments in IP PBX infrastructure. SIP Trunks allow companies to keep their existing telephone numbers and are fully 911 and e911 compliant. By combining the most sophisticated VoIP technology with the most capacious Tier 1 backbones, can offer its customers the very best in SIP and VoIP. Visit our SIP Trunking page for more information.

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